Sunday, November 13, 2011

A very successful "Program Ramah Mesra" for PU1 residents

Kudos to PU1, PU2 and PU5 residents for taking their time off to attend this "Program Ramah Mesra". This event was made to be more meaningful and successful with the presence of the Royal Police of Malaysia.

A special appreciation and praise to Mr Rahim for making this event a success story. A special thank you to Jawatankuasa Penduduk Islam PU 1 & 2 for their contribution of food and beverages.

Delicious nasi lemak, lepat pisang, milk tea and Kopi O was served on that day.

PU1, PU2 and PU5 residents

Dr Harbinber (PU1 Residents Association President), Tuan Ansar (DPP of Narcotic for Subang Jaya), Tuan Karim (Deputy Chief of Bukit Puchong Police Station )

Dr Harbinber delivering his welcome speech

Tuan Ansar sharing some of his precious thoughts

Highlights from Dr Harbinber speech:

The highlights from Tuan Ansar speech:
  • Tuan Ansar expertise is on narcotic areas.
  • There must be a good relationship between police and the people. Both need to cooperate in crime busting.
  • There are roughly about 120 police in Bukit Puchong Police Station
  • Among the activities carried out by the Police to ensure the law and order are: patrolling and Ops Payung.
  • In terms of the severity of crime in PU1, is consider low as compare to other Taman. There are few issues of break-in but apart from that, having our own guarded community has helped to lower the crime rate in PU1.
  • He hoped that, this Program Ramah Mesra will be held regularly together with Police so that both Police and the people can know each other better.

Highlights from Tuan Karim speech:
  • Robbers nowadays are very smart, they do extensive research and studies to identify which potential victim to strike on. Hence we need to be extra careful when withdrawing large sum of money from bank.
  • Snatch theft and robbery in PU1 is low.
  • Major issues in Bukit Puchong area is motocycle theft.
  • Tuan Karim has extensive 35 years of experience in Royal Police of Malaysia.

Dangerous robber coming with motocycles WKQ 3879

Read this news from Although this crime happened in Malacca and Negeri Sembilan but the suspect might change place. So do pay attention on any motorcycle rider on WKQ 3879.

"A man, described by the police as a dangerous robber armed with a machete, is on the prowl for potential victims in Negri Sembilan and Melaka.

According to the police, the thug, who is high on syabu and heroin when committing crimes, is linked to a murder and two armed robberies in Alor Gajah, which were committed in broad daylight on Friday.

Initial investigations have revealed that the man, who operates alone, has no qualms about killing or injuring his victims, going by the two robberies.

According to the police, his violence is fuelled by drugs.

In the first incident, the man was linked to an incident in which Tey Ah Keh, 64, died after she was stabbed seven times at her shop in Kampung Parit Melana at 1.45pm.

About 30 minutes later, the assailant robbed a mobile phone shop in Taman Kasawari, Gangsa, about 10km away, in which trader Alvin Cham Boon Chuan, 32, was stabbed twice in the abdomen.

Melaka Criminal Investigation Department deputy chief, Superintendent R.Gunarajan said: "Our investigations have revealed the man is violent as he is under the influence of drugs, such as syabu and heroin, whenever he committed roberies.

"Investigations based on witness accounts, as well as CCTV (closed-circuit television) recordings of the two robberies indicate the man wearing the same clothes and shoes.

"He operates alone and rides a motorcycle bearing registration WKQ 3879. He is wanted by the police for several armed robbery cases in Alor Gajah and Melaka, and is known to frequent Port Dickson and Tampin in Negri Sembilan."

Gunarajan urged those with information on the suspect to contact Alor Gajah CID chief Assistant Superintendent Zabidi Kadir Mohamad at 012-4505020 or the Alor Gajah head office at 06-5564153.


Thursday, November 10, 2011

Get together event for PU1 residents

Event: Get together for residents from PU1 (Program ramah mesra)
Date: 13 Nov 2011
Time: 8 AM
Location: PU1 Park (Padang)

- Get together ( Knowing our neighbours )
- Speech by Police on community security
- Food and beverages are provided.

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